Sunday 23 July 2017

Reach out and thrive

Before we judge people, we must remember that there are many sides to a story and that our evaluation embeds our own biases that make us want to jump to the conclusions that serve our egos best. We generate justifications, often intricately, to be at ease and to gain ascendancy in our conceptualised version our world.  We attach meanings to words and actions of others, without allowing others a chance to be heard or defend themselves. And even if we do we hear, what we want to hear, because we are not really interested in listening. Our compulsion to be right and establish our superior position, is more compelling than to be truly be just and understanding. Just take some time to reflect on this in context of your relationships, especially the troubled ones; and every time, you begin to pass judgement on the other, ask yourself this: Are you really being true to your own self or has your Self fooled you? To share a harmonious and positive relationship with another human being is one of the most enriching and salubrious acts, don’t rob yourselves of it. Reach out and thrive.  

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