Friday 12 August 2016

A word to leaders...

Everyone wants to reach up and reach out to be more that what they are, to feel worthy, all they need is some support, encouragement and opportunity and if we can work together to provide ourselves and others that, we all are likely to spring a mighty surprise in terms of what can be achieved. It is a framework that we need to be able to adopt and deploy collectively for upliftment of society for higher levels of achievement individually and collectively. 

The opportunity, it is right there, it is right in front of us, if we are wise enough to grasp it and be willing to participate. This of course requires, the fascination to be a leader to be lower than that to be a contributor, a fighter and a learner. Thereafter, if circumstances of nature ordain certain responsibility to rest on your shoulders then be humble and carry out the responsibility squarely, bravely, earnestly, with care, dignity and permitted grace.

You will be lucky to live a life where you have had the satisfaction of being part and contributor of a greater good, which if you realise is in itself a privilege very few get to claim. This is the best outcome in the context of not knowing who we are, or what our place and purpose is in the natural universe, something that ought to humble any rambling of our egos to claim more of ourselves and our becoming.