Tuesday 16 September 2014

Image Building for Vocational Education in India - A comprehensive study

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in India, as in many other countries, is the less preferred educational option of students. Most people consider it as an option for those left out of main stream education or for them who are unable to cope up with higher education. It is a great travesty indeed, for it undermines necessary work capabilities that are essential to produce goods and services in the real world. It is interesting that this situation exists while there are other countries where TVET is considered the more preferred and sought option.

To understand and address this phenomenon, FICCI and PROGILENCE Capability Development Pvt. Ltd. have undertaken a study where we are interacting with various stakeholders in Indian society to get well-rounded views of the perceptions, practices and outcomes surrounding TVET. 

As part of this study we are interacting with a range of stakeholders including students, parents, training providers and educators, policy makers, influencers, employers and others. The study is expected to be the most comprehensive and inclusive study undertaken in the field in India yet. 

To participate in this study kindly connect with us at tvet.research@progilence.com. 

To know more about the study click here


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